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The mother's secret has yet to be revealed

#مكتبةـزايد #zayed_library
#مكتبةـزايد #zayed_library

The mother is the beginning of success for every human being. She is a school for her children if you prepare it. You have prepared a people of good races. She is the one who raises, stays up, pampers her children, caress them and gives them love and tenderness.

Islam honored her by making her contentment and obedience after the pleasure and obedience of God (glory be to Him).

This is why Islam honored her by placing her consent and obedience after the consent and obedience of God (glory be to Him). .

Our mothers have them, we find our refuge from fear, and when we are happy we go to them, and when we need we find no one but them, how can we not give them all the love on their day?!

Rather, we must admit that the greatest accomplishments of our fathers were in making you our mothers.

Every year, you are mothers who possess happiness, joy, health and wellness.

#Mother's Day #Zayed Library #Library #UAE #Um Al Quwain


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